The Right Sources For Online Reputation Management

Marketers who have found success in their fields also have found that there are a lot of sources that they can use in order to bring about great influence to the community. Among the sources that people have to choose from are social media platforms, forums, blogs, and online press among others. One thing that is also important to know is that one does not have to settle on one source. However, each source in and of itself is very vast. For instance, social media platforms are filled with a lot of traffic and tons of topics to engage the community with. Forums are similar. The key is to find the best of each source.

When handling online reputation, the best thing to do is engage the community. This is one of the best ways to gain positive attention. The worst thing one can do when engaging the community is just posting links to the website or the business. It is better to engage the community on the discussions that they are having. The more recent the discussions are, the better. Bringing up something from years, months, or even weeks ago can frustrate some people. Fortunately, many social media platforms keep everything in the order of the most recent.

One thing that people may be faced with is a struggle to reach the right audience. It can be very tricky. This is why it is good to experiment with different approaches and sources. When one comes up with the approach that works well for him, then he is going to find that success is only a matter of time. The only thing is that one has to keep at it with the effective approach. Also, he has to be willing to make adjustments to his approach so that he will be able to bring in more business.

Anthony Petrello Is Involved Behind The Scenes In Medical Charity Work

Anthony Petrello is the leader of one of the US’s leading oil drilling and publicly-traded companies, Nabors Industries.

This company develops high tech drilling equipment from rigs to stations. It’s built one of the largest land-based fleets and offshore rigs and Petrello has been the leader behind the visions for these developments. He’s also responsible for overseeing shareholder agreements and has used previous experiences in corporate law to guide the company through a competitive industry and government regulations. Petrello also serves on the boards of Hilcorp Energy and the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Board of Trustees.

Tony Petrello at first was interested in a mathematics-related career, an interest he had all the way back in middle school growing up in New Jersey. An old roommate of his even recalled stories of him working on math problems during lunch hours and putting all his effort into getting good grades. He entered college at Yale University and was even mentored by famous mathematician Serge Lang. While Petrello completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field, he decided to go into law instead. He completed a J.D. at Harvard and worked for New York law firm Baker & McKenzie for 13 years, including 6 years as partner. He joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as Chief Operating Officer.

Petrello became interested in neurological research after he and his wife Cynthia Petrello gave birth to a young girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He had counseled with several well-known physicians and specialists, but when he couldn’t find treatment for his daughter he went to the Texas Children’s Hospital and soon became friends with Dan and Jan Duncan. The Duncans had helped start TCH’s neurological research institute which was promptly named after them, and the Petrellos also became involved and donated $7 million towards research. Petrello is hopeful one day a cure can be found and hopes others in his line of work will join in his philanthropy.

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Securus Technologies is a Good Model To Emulate

If anyone ever wanted to find a good business model, it would be Securus Technologies. Built on a solid foundation of excellent service and a strong foundation of achievement, Securus offers a broad plate of communications services to correctional institutions, safety organizations, and law enforcement facilities.

By providing a connection between the inmate and family, Securus provides a bond that has never been available in such a way before. Phone plans are available for iPhones, Androids, tablets and landline phone setups. Plans can be paid for by prepaid plans, collect calls, inmate debit plans where the inmate pays out of his funds, and direct billing plans. One of the most popular plans is the video plan where the inmate and his family can see one another during the call if there is a connection with a web camera on each end of the call. Email, Jail Voicemail, and a money transfer feature are also available.

Only a few months ago, GTL who is a competitor in the same market niche, began to regularly state online and in their ads how much better they were than Securus, in all of their pricing and delivery capabilities. They went on and on with the most blatant false information to the point of being ridiculous.

Things finally got to the point where Securus had to do something about the false noise going on so they put out a challenge to GTL. A comparison would be made in all of the vital metrics that GTL has been making so much noise about. Then the results would be adjudicated by a disinterested third party judge.

Securus knew that they would win the challenge hands-down, but after a few days of silence, a polite declination was received fro GTL, and that ended the war. Of course, there was no retraction or apology from GTL, but getting rid of the hassle of the heinous and false racket was accomplished.

How EOS Lip Balm Came Out On Top

The lip balm industry is a very difficult industry to come out on top in. There are thousands of products offered. Up until about 7 years ago, the main company that was the leading supplier of lip balm was Chapstick.

Chapstick packaged their product in small cylinder tubes that had an ingredient list right on the tube. Back then, there weren’t many flavors at all. Most people only knew of Original, Cherry, or mint.

When EOS lip balm made its debut, everyone raved about the package it came in. Gone were the days of tiny cylinders. Now you could have lip balm in the form of an egg shaped container. Not only that, but they were colors that were very appealing! EOS first went on shelves in Walgreens. The next place to pick up the product was Walmart. Finally, Target and Amazon wanted in on the new EOS craze too! Popular magazines, such as Allure and Cosmo, were raving about the new lip balm. They loved the flavors, which included honeydew and grapefruit. You no longer had a small selection! Once famous people started being seen with EOS lip balm, sales and popularity sky rocketed! The likes of Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian were seen using this new lip balm!

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth and their products can be seen in many magazines. They currently sell OVER 1 million units of lip balm a week! That is a fantastic number! By 2020, they say that the lip balm market will grow to $2 Million! One thing that people love is that their products are natural and organic.

When creating their product, they loved the ideas of jars or pots but didn’t want customers to have to apply it with their fingers. This is how the idea of a ball of lip balm was born!

If you want a new take on lip balm then give EOS a try! They have many flavors like to choose from and it’s a mess free application!

Kim Dao gets PRP!

In Kim Dao’s video entitled “Skin Treatment Injection in Korea” she takes us through her first skincare treatment at Banobagi Skin Clinic and Esthetic located in Gangnam, Korea. Dao was escorted to the clinic by taxi, courtesy of Beautique Korea a medical concierge company. Beautique Korea also gives all patients a goodie bag. Kim Dao’s goodie bag included an outlet adapter, several beauty masks, and snacks.


Kim Dao’s journey started with photos taken of her skin to determine the best treatment route. It was recommended that she receive the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for dry and uneven skin tone. PRP revitalizes skin tissue and stimulates the growth of new collagen resulting in hydrated smooth skin by using the patient’s own blood that is drawn and centrifuged to concentrate platelets and stem cells.


At Banobagi, Hyaluronic Acid is also used in the treatment to hydrate the skin. Dao’s face was then cleaned and the dead skin removed.  A wand with nine tiny needles was used to pull her skin, creating space where her plasma and the hyaluronic acid would be added.


Banobagi sent Dao home with products to sample from their new skincare line Bano, which included face masks, serums, and creams. Check out the video to watch Kim Dao’s journey and all the Bano products in her gift bag.

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