Waiakea Bottled Water Calls for Support as They Strive to Give Water to Disadvantaged Communities

There have been a lot of calls from environmental activists to keep our environment clean and safe. It is a well-known fact that the use disposable plastic water bottles have an adverse impact on the environment when they aren’t disposed of properly or recycled. If you take a look at the majority of the retail outlets, there are hundreds, of different brands of bottled water. Most of these bottles end up in our environment causing pollution.

There is no doubt that bottled water is convenient, and popular especially among travelers. However, only a few people take note of the brand of bottled water that they purchase. What if you were told that by purchasing a particular brand of bottled water, you could bring clean drinking water to millions of impoverished people in the remote areas?

By purchasing the right brand of bottled water, you can quench your thirst while supporting great initiatives from across the world by taking clean drinking water and proper sanitation to the impoverished people in the remote areas of the globe. You can be part of this noble initiative by supporting Waiakea bottled water.

You should try to move from the group of people who pay no attention to the brands of water they buy and start supporting brands that focus on keeping our environment safe and helping those in dire need of water.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of Waiakea bottled water helps in supporting environmental conservation and delivering water to the needy. The Hawaiian volcanic water brand has partnered with a program called Pump Aid that installs special water pumps in the most remote villages around the world.

These pumps supply water that is clean and safe to the locals. Besides, the special pumps are simple and easy to maintain locally. The initiative has gained a lot of popularity from across the world, and people have come forth to support this noble initiative.

Although the initiative builds and installs special pumps in remote areas across the world, their main interest has been Malawi in Africa. Malawi is considered as one of the most under developed, landlocked country in the entire world.

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Launching A Business Like Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the epitome of a success story from scratch. She did not have the startup funds for this company she has now the same way others did. Deere started off with just a couple of bucks to her name when she had moved out to California. She struggled to build her own business but eventually got her own DIY company going up until Lime Crime came into the picture. What most don’t realize is that she lives by one of the most important rules in the world of business, which is to make sure you follow your passions.

In a world where there’s a product and a solution for almost any issue in the world, you will discover that those who succeed are those who are passionate about what they do. You really need to be sure that what you are putting your time into is something you enjoy and have a real interest in. You don’t want to be tired coming up with new ideas or products for your company. If you know you might, consider changing up the business idea. Launching a business from scratch means trying to invest your money in the right place and getting started the right way.

It’s not always easy to deal with upfront costs that you may have. If you can have as much of your company created, or product made, you can go to an investor with a business plan of the things you would like to do with your company. If you have a good approach in the meeting, you could eventually get all the funding to build your brand. Eventually, you will need to pay them back, but you will end up using the money you did earn if you invested the money right into your business.

Launching a business is all about efficiently knowing what you are looking for and what kind of business you want to have. The key is to know what you’re doing and what is out there. There are countless businesses out there, and you can definitely join that group and hit out there. The key is to follow the example of people like Doe Deere. This company started off from scratch, and you can be sure that this brand knows what it is doing, so learn from them. Your business can flourish for sure if you have the right passionate ideas that you love.

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Being a Successful Entrepreneur Following Todd Lubar’s Tips

The entrepreneurs today are not like the entrepreneurs in the past. In those times, when you became an entrepreneur, then you were going so that you could be your boss. However, in this generation, when one becomes an entrepreneur, then they cannot say being their bosses was their purpose. The entrepreneurs who are in their 50s and the ones who are in their 20s have different views when it comes to this field. According to crunchbase.com, there is a higher percentage of the millennials who look to benefit the communities around them positively than those in their 50s. The way that they handle their businesses also differs. The people who are in their 50s are more interested in the finances that they have. The millennials, on the other hand, would prefer to assist one another.

For one to be a successful entrepreneur, there are some traits that they need to have. One is that they need to be persistent. When someone begins a new business, they are sure to face numerous obstacles. They also need to be dedicated to what they do. They should be ready to find solutions to those things that affect them. An entrepreneur also needs to be transparent in their dealings and need to have enough knowledge on their subjects.

The success path that Todd Lubar is following seems to be similar to the one provided. Todd was able to attend university and gain a degree in Speech Communication. He got his B.A. degree from the Syracuse University. He then later began working in the industry of mortgage in the year 1995. He worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation for four years.

Todd Lubar is the president of the TDL Global Ventures. When in the company, he has helped it to increase the ability it had for rehabilitation, purchasing, selling and profiting from all the types of houses. He has cultivated numerous relationships with people in all the fields of the building industry. This has assisted the firms to come up with some of the best houses. Todd claims the reason for his success is hard work. He also ensures that he takes everyone who works for the organization into consideration.


End Citizens United sees an increase in donated funds

End Citizens United, a grassroots political organization, continues its campaign to help get money out 2of politics. The organization formed after a United States Supreme decision repealed key parts of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform act. It continues its stated goal to get big money out of politics. The organization has supported any candidate who favors campaign finance reform since its founding.


Although the group is opposed to big money in politics because of its negative influence on the political system, it raised over four million dollars to fund its current projects. The organization thinks it can raise over $35 million dollars for the 2018 midterm elections.


Despite the successful fund raising efforts, many of the donations coming to the political action committee are not coming from big money donors. As it was when it began, the group remains focused on grassroots efforts. The average donation it receives is a little over ten dollars, according to the USA Today.


Jon Ossoff, a candidate who ran to replace a Republican congressman from Georgia, was one of the groups recent benefactors. Ossoff surprised many people when he managed to raise $4 million dollars for his campaign. Many people believed the candidate came out of nowhere. His impressive fundraising efforts were not enough to guarantee him victory. The empty seat was filled by a Republican candidate.


Tiffany Muller, the group’s director, is not surprised by the uptick in donations. Donors to End Citizens United often feel that the political system is corrupted by the influence of big money and lobbyists. They believe that members of the country’s congress and members of the state legislature no longer listen to the common person. People continue to contribute to the organization because they feel they have been disenfranchised by the current state of the political process.


The influence of big money in politics is not the only factors driving donations to the campaign. Many people feel that the electoral college system further disenfranchises them. They feel the electoral college chose President Trump over the wishes of the American people. Anger, according to Muller, is driving many people to contribute money to the group.

Young Entrepreneur And Economist- Sawyer Howitt

Young people have been seen as lazy and cannot achieve much especially when it comes to business. What most of the people fail to understand is that anyone in their right minds and skills can become a successful entrepreneur.

It is very unfortunate as some believe that one can only be a successful business person as they grow old something that idealistic including Sawyer Howitt disagree with.

Over the years Young Entrepreneurs have used techniques to weigh themselves as reliable and responsible in the world of business. The big question that most millennials have been asking themselves is how they can make the old people believe they can be successful and achieve more than their experienced peers.

Recent studies have shown that millennials are establishing more successful business compared to their older counter parts that are between the age of 50 and 60. According to some research, the visionary has big ideas which have been recorded to be successful when implemented into ventures. Listed below are factors that can assist the young investors to fight ageism at their work places.

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Standing Up Ageism as Young Entrepreneur

1. Don’t Give Up: it has been said that it easy to change assumption with hard facts, As a young person do not allow yourself to get intimidated by older people who at some point may think they have achieved more in your industry.
2. Be Honest: Be ready to learn don’t pretend you know everything.
3. Prove your Value: do not shy away from showing your employer what you have achieved and what you can accomplish as some tend to judge once experience with their age and experience.

Sawyer Howitt can be described as a millennial. At a very young age he is very passionate about finance and how one can operate a successful business. Sawyer Howitt is a second tern Senior who is very unique from his peers during his free time he spends most of the time attending a Portland Blazer game of on Oregon Rivers.

The young student spends his internship learning more about business and finance. Sawyer Howitt trusts that there is nothing too big or too small to achieve in life.

Learn more about Sawyer Howitt: http://www.r2sports.com/website/media-report.asp?TID=13700&UID=230192&resultsOption=byPlayer&reportType=results​

Anthony Petrello’s Rich Personal Profile and Career

Anthony Petrello, commonly known as Tony, is the President, Chair and Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Industries Ltd. Anthony pursued law and graduated from Harvard University. Additionally, he holds a mathematics degree from Yale University. According to his college mates, Antony Petrello was a brilliant student and performed exceptionally well in math.

Nabors Industries was first established in 1968 as Anglo Energy in Hamilton, Bermuda. Among other services, Nabors provides geothermal drilling services for natural oil and gas. Nabors geographically serves its environs in the United States of America, Africa, Middle East, and the Far East. Anthony Petrello has served in several capacities at Nabors Industries for instance as the chief operating officer. Mr. Anthony was later appointed the Chief Executive Officer at Nabors in 2011 following his impressive performance in both leadership and management and learn more information click here.

Antony is reputable for his wealth of experience. In his line of work, he served as the assistant chair at Nabors for nine years. Moreover, Antony has served as the director at Stewart & Stevenson, LLC for the last six years. In other similar capacities, Antony served at mediOnDemand.com and Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc.

Tony was competitively ranked among the best-paid CEOs in 2015 while serving as a chair, CEO, and president at Nabors Industries Ltd. For the record, he overwhelmingly received a cumulative earning of $15,202,689. To enumerate his earnings, Antony received a salary of $1,492,982, a stock of $10,808,769, a bonus of $1,492,982 together with other relevant compensations of $1,325,938 and more information click here.

Petrello together with his wife contributed a total of $5 million to Texas Children’s Hospital. They are equally committed to enabling their eight-year-old daughter to learn more skills, following her periventricular leukomalacia condition. In summary, Anthony Petrello is greatly experienced and holds a great record at his line of work, as the best-paid CEO, and is also philanthropic and Anthony on Facebook.

Betsy DeVos- Working for Educational Change

Finding people who are dedicated to educational change is not always easy. Many people simply are not in the process for the long haul. Betsy DeVos is not such a person. DeVos has spent her entire life working to make education better. In addition her goal is that all children will have access to the best education. She has devoted both her time but her money to this cause. She continues to look for new and bigger ways to make an impact in this space.

In a recent interview with Philanthropy Roundtable, DeVos shared some insight into her desire to work for change in education. As a mother DeVos took her own children to visit the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. DeVos was moved by the number of parents that she witness at he school. Their passion and dedication to making sure their students had a quality education was inspiring to DeVos. Many of the children came from poor homes but that didn’t stop their parents from doing whatever it took to provide a great education for their kids. Read more about their foundation at dbdvfoundation.org

DeVos would continue to visit Potter’s House regularly over the next few years. She began helping some students with tuition assistance. As time past however Betsy DeVos wanted to do more. Her and her family became very dedicated to doing whatever they could to produce change. Her husband ran for and was elected to the State Board of Education in Michigan. Betsy herself decided to start a scholarship fund to help even more children pay for a quality education. Betsy also became a member of many charitable boards. Two of those boards include Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. Both of these groups took the approach of using tax credits and vouchers to help produce more educational choice. Betsy even worked in Florida to a very successful tax-credit scholarship program.

Know more: https://www.facebook.com/betsy.p.devos/

Today Betsy DeVos serves as the 11th U.S. secretary of education. She has earned even more influence on educational change. Her passion for education is rooted in watching her mother who worked for years as a teacher in Michigan public schools. DeVos herself work for more than fifteen years as a mentor to at risk students in Michigan public schools. She has worked with several groups over the years donating her money and working for educational change. Some of these groups include ArtPrize, Mars Hill Bible Church and the Kendall College of Art and Design. A graduate of Calvin College, DeVos and her family remained committed to doing anything they can to produce change in the educational world.

Duda Melzer’s RBS Group Is An Innovator In The Brazilian Media Industry

For the last 60 years, a member of the Sirotsky family has been part of Brazil’s media industry. Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho was the first Sirostky to get the media ball rolling in the city of Porto Alegre in the south of Brazil. Then Nelson Sirostky took over for Mauricio, and the family business became a media giant in Brazil. By the time Duda Melzer took over for Nelson as the CEO of the RBS Media Group, the company was a profitable big business.

But Duda Melzer, Mauricio’s grandson, and Nelson’s nephew gave the group an extra push with his business talents. Melzer has an MBA from Harvard, and he is an expert in marketing innovative business concepts. A recent report by Cornell University claims Brazil is stagnant when it comes to innovation, but Duda Melzer and the RBS Media Group show a flaw in that Cornell report. Brazil’s big media companies are as innovative as any media companies on the planet. In fact, media moguls from other countries come to Brazil to learn how to be more innovative.

Duda Melzer is a good example of what a successful Brazilian innovator looks like. Melzer is in charge of a media group that employs more than 6,000 people. Those people help broadcast news and entertainment stories all over the country. Melzer’s media companies are usually the first to educate and indoctrinate Brazilians when current events impact their livelihoods. Check out Clicrbs to know more.

The Brazilian recession, and the Brexit vote, as well as the election of Donald Trump, are headline news stories in Brazil. The RBS group does an excellent job reporting those stories with Melzer type innovation. That means the Cornell University study may give the wrong impression about Brazilian innovation. Innovation is alive and prospering in Brazil thanks to companies like the RBS Media Group. You can visit Crunchbase for more info.

Click here: http://www.acaert.com.br/lide-sc-recebe-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-na-proxima-edicao-de-seu-tradicional-almoco-debate#.WNrPIvnyu00

Impacting Positively On Science Through Oncotarget

Information is power, and without it, humanity would not have been able to achieve exceptional levels of achievement as witnessed in the innovation sector globally. It is through information that dissemination of knowledge is encouraged for the sake of future posterity. The power of information is evident when used correctly. Furthermore, its revolutionary power comes to light, hence paving the way for enormous success especially in the field of science, as demonstrated by Oncotarget.

One notable ailment is cancer. It has been known to have devastating effects on patients. Nonetheless, enormous efforts and a considerable amount of time are dedicated to searching for a cure. So far, only methods of controlling it have come to light. As a result of this, pioneers in the field of research on cancer treatment such as Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny, have deemed it crucial to share the knowledge on the current progress as far as research on cancer medication and treatment is concerned.

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Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned oncologist, and he has for the longest period specialized in uncovering the possible cures for cancer. Until recently, he started researching the possibility of an association, existing between age progression and cancer. He has authored over 250 cancer-related articles. Moreover, he has worked as an associate editor of Cancer Biol Ther, Int J Cancer, Cell Death Differ, and AM J Pathology. Being at the forefront of uncovering diseases related to the progression of age and the relationship that exists between aging and cancer, his research has helped tremendously, in coming up with most solutions, which are currently used in the management of cancer.

Oncotarget tries to exploit the power contained in sharing information through research. The data in this case, is based on various methods that can be used for treatment of cancer. Oncotarget gets to publish articles weekly, with the aim fully maximizing the impact of cancer research, through reviews that are meaningful and insightful. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Consequently, any research success ends up being shared hastily to several people. Therefore, the barriers that used to exist between specialists in the field of cancer treatment end up diminished, if not eliminated entirely. Therefore, collective success all over the world is realized since different approaches are applied in the process of curing diseases. Hence, science progresses positively.

An Overview Of Wild Ark And The Excursions They Offer

Wild Ark has a vision to protect the earth’s wilderness. The organization’s mission is to help identify and secure unique tracts of wilderness for conservation. In addition to conservation of wildlife and the protection of biodiversity, Wild Ark aims to foster research and travel within these unique and protected habitats (http://wildark.com/study-the-wild/). Not only is conservation, research and travel important to Wild Ark, but also fostering a reconnection of people to the wild and unique habitats of the planet.


Wild Ark is run by a team of highly passionate wildlife and habitat conservationists. Their goal is to not only protect the environment and its biodiversity, but to educate people about the natural wonders of the world. The group was officially created by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson who are two staunch conservationists and environmentalists. Their concern for the health of the planet led them to create Wild Ark as a way to foster conservation and spread awareness.


Wild Ark organizes and hosts several different wildlife excursions in many different countries. All Wild Ark excursions are designed to be minimally disruptive to the natural environment, educational and fun. Many of these trips directly or indirectly help contribute to the conservation and protection of the wilderness areas that the Wild Ark trips take place. It is a trip that is enjoyable and supportive of conservation at the same time. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2016/10/20/mick-fanning-the-conservationist-first-look-at-his-expedition-t/


One of the trips that is organized by Wild Ark is the EcoTracking 7 Day African Wilderness Experience. In this trip tourists learn how to track, observe and study wildlife animals from some of the world’s best trackers in the African bush. Shangaan trackers serve as your guide and teacher. The trip spans parts of South Africa and nearby Botswana. Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/2017/03/25/the-last-21-km-of-fenceline-between-david-pocock-and-his-wildest_a_21884731/


Animals that can been during the Wild Ark EcoTracking 7 Day African Wilderness Experience include Zebras, Rhinoceros, elephants, antelope, and even lions. The trip includes accommodation in a two person tent that has basic bedding. The price for the trip includes the cost of meals. Tracking of wildlife is done by foot in this trip. At the end of the trip, one can also elect to take an exam to test their mastery of bush tracking.