Kim Dao is a Great Person All Around

Kim Dao is someone who is part of the world of beauty and fashion. She is someone who is a blogger and YouTuber, as well as someone who is active on social media. The things that she does are noticed by others, and many rely on her to let them know what they should be paying attention to in the beauty and fashion world. Kim Dao is a native of Australia, and she spent some time studying Japanese and Psychology while attending the University of Western Australia.


When interviewed, Kim Dao said that her blog was first started as a way of documenting a trip that she took to Japan. What began as something that she was doing more for herself than anyone else has grown into something that many notice and watch. When she was asked what a typical day looks like for her now, she mentioned that she spends the first part of the day on social media, but that every day is different.


Kim Dao lives in Japan, but she cherishes those she left behind in Australia. She has a heart for those people and enjoys visiting them. She is someone who not only has a lot to share, but she is someone who has a good heart.

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