Young Entrepreneur And Economist- Sawyer Howitt

Young people have been seen as lazy and cannot achieve much especially when it comes to business. What most of the people fail to understand is that anyone in their right minds and skills can become a successful entrepreneur.

It is very unfortunate as some believe that one can only be a successful business person as they grow old something that idealistic including Sawyer Howitt disagree with.

Over the years Young Entrepreneurs have used techniques to weigh themselves as reliable and responsible in the world of business. The big question that most millennials have been asking themselves is how they can make the old people believe they can be successful and achieve more than their experienced peers.

Recent studies have shown that millennials are establishing more successful business compared to their older counter parts that are between the age of 50 and 60. According to some research, the visionary has big ideas which have been recorded to be successful when implemented into ventures. Listed below are factors that can assist the young investors to fight ageism at their work places.

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Standing Up Ageism as Young Entrepreneur

1. Don’t Give Up: it has been said that it easy to change assumption with hard facts, As a young person do not allow yourself to get intimidated by older people who at some point may think they have achieved more in your industry.
2. Be Honest: Be ready to learn don’t pretend you know everything.
3. Prove your Value: do not shy away from showing your employer what you have achieved and what you can accomplish as some tend to judge once experience with their age and experience.

Sawyer Howitt can be described as a millennial. At a very young age he is very passionate about finance and how one can operate a successful business. Sawyer Howitt is a second tern Senior who is very unique from his peers during his free time he spends most of the time attending a Portland Blazer game of on Oregon Rivers.

The young student spends his internship learning more about business and finance. Sawyer Howitt trusts that there is nothing too big or too small to achieve in life.

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