Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Dominates The Entertainment Space In Joao Pessoa

Manaira Shopping Mall encapsulates the aspects of elegance and versatility. The Joao Pessoa-based shopping mall is designed with the objective of satisfying the needs of the entire family. At the mall, both adults and children will find variety of items and activities that they love regardless of their lifestyle, taste or background. This versatility has ensured that Manaira Shopping Mall remains the leading shopping center in the Brazilian State of Paraiba. The property is owned by Roberto Santiago, a real estate developer and shrewd entrepreneur.

The 58-year-old businessman designed the property with the objective of having a competitive edge over other shopping malls in the city. He used modern and unique architectural designs to achieve this objective. Moreover, he added versatility in the shopping center in terms of facilities, retail outlets, college, concert hall, and electronic amusement park. The success of the property has helped in enabling the Joao Pessoa-born investor to become one of the most respected businessmen in the city.

Manaira Shopping Mall was inaugurated in 1989 in Joao Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba. Over the years, it has grown to become the city’s greatest success. Its growth can also be attributed to the architectural work that has been undertaken by Roberto Santiago. Since 1989, the executive has facilitated the expansion of the property. Through the expansions, he has been able to introduce more facilities to the premise, including the famous Domus Hall, the largest concert hall in the state. This hall has helped in cementing the shopping center’s place in the state as the center for leisure, fun, and entertainment. Read more on

The success of the Manaira Shopping has also encouraged the real estate developer to establish a second shopping center in the city. The new facility, Mangabeira Shopping Mall, hopes to capitalize on the success of Manaira Shopping and widen the customer base of the two properties. The shopping center was inaugurated in 2014.

Manaira Shopping Mall is located between the center of Joao Pessoa and its north coast beaches. The property boasts of over 280 stores covering a 75 thousand square meters. The stores specialize in providing different goods and services, in line with Santiago’s vision for uniqueness. Notably, the center seeks to satisfy the utility of all people.

While at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping, one of the key places to visit is its modern and high-tech theaters. The theaters are available in three main categories: the VIP rooms, 3D rooms, and Stadium Systems. Each of the rooms has quality seats that are arranged to provide the audience with maximum movie experience. The theaters screen new movies from different film production companies, including Hollywood.

Manaira Shopping Mall’s bowling tracks are both modern and electronic. They provide players with the ultimate gaming experience. In addition, the mall has an electronic amusement park, which has over 200 gaming machines. Visit for more info.

How EOS Lip Balm Came Out On Top

The lip balm industry is a very difficult industry to come out on top in. There are thousands of products offered. Up until about 7 years ago, the main company that was the leading supplier of lip balm was Chapstick.

Chapstick packaged their product in small cylinder tubes that had an ingredient list right on the tube. Back then, there weren’t many flavors at all. Most people only knew of Original, Cherry, or mint.

When EOS lip balm made its debut, everyone raved about the package it came in. Gone were the days of tiny cylinders. Now you could have lip balm in the form of an egg shaped container. Not only that, but they were colors that were very appealing! EOS first went on shelves in Walgreens. The next place to pick up the product was Walmart. Finally, Target and Amazon wanted in on the new EOS craze too! Popular magazines, such as Allure and Cosmo, were raving about the new lip balm. They loved the flavors, which included honeydew and grapefruit. You no longer had a small selection! Once famous people started being seen with EOS lip balm, sales and popularity sky rocketed! The likes of Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian were seen using this new lip balm!

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth and their products can be seen in many magazines. They currently sell OVER 1 million units of lip balm a week! That is a fantastic number! By 2020, they say that the lip balm market will grow to $2 Million! One thing that people love is that their products are natural and organic.

When creating their product, they loved the ideas of jars or pots but didn’t want customers to have to apply it with their fingers. This is how the idea of a ball of lip balm was born!

If you want a new take on lip balm then give EOS a try! They have many flavors like to choose from and it’s a mess free application!