Rocketship Education; Transcending Educational Approaches

Rocketship education is made up of a network of non-profit public elementary charter schools. These charter schools serve low income communities which have limited access to excellent schools. Rocketship was founded in 2006 with the main aim of eliminating the achievement gap by building a sustainable and scalable school model with the aim of propelling student achievement in communities that are underserved in the country. The instruction model at Rocketship is technology supported and teacher led approach to ensure that the students are matched with the right content, at the right time while using the right model of instruction.

According to Edsurge, Rocketship operated five schools in the San Jose region by 2012. The average number of students in the school was about 450 students per school. In the Rocketship education, at least 90% of the students qualify for getting free lunch from the school. Approximately 75% of the students speak English as a second language. Some of the benefits of Rocketship education include better classroom management. The techniques applied in the program ensure that the students get as much knowledge as possible within the time that they are in school. This knowledge is imparted in a way that enables student from the program to compete favorably with others.

One of the programs that Rocketship uses to improve the learners experience is DreamBox learning. This program offers customized computer-based lessons that help students to learn more maths with the help of a teacher. The computer based lessons are neither too hard nor too easy. The program collects and analyzes data about the students’ abilities for the teachers to use in determining the areas of weakness of the students in mathematics. The program provides the students with an engaging learning format that helps them to make steady progress and to gain confidence in working on their own.

Technology use in Rocketship education makes the learning experience of students and the teachers more fulfilling. The incorporation of technology ensures that the students who undergo Rocketship education program have access to the best learning environment and modern approaches to learning. This approach makes it easier for students to consume more knowledge making them competitive.