An Overview Of Wild Ark And The Excursions They Offer

Wild Ark has a vision to protect the earth’s wilderness. The organization’s mission is to help identify and secure unique tracts of wilderness for conservation. In addition to conservation of wildlife and the protection of biodiversity, Wild Ark aims to foster research and travel within these unique and protected habitats ( Not only is conservation, research and travel important to Wild Ark, but also fostering a reconnection of people to the wild and unique habitats of the planet.


Wild Ark is run by a team of highly passionate wildlife and habitat conservationists. Their goal is to not only protect the environment and its biodiversity, but to educate people about the natural wonders of the world. The group was officially created by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson who are two staunch conservationists and environmentalists. Their concern for the health of the planet led them to create Wild Ark as a way to foster conservation and spread awareness.


Wild Ark organizes and hosts several different wildlife excursions in many different countries. All Wild Ark excursions are designed to be minimally disruptive to the natural environment, educational and fun. Many of these trips directly or indirectly help contribute to the conservation and protection of the wilderness areas that the Wild Ark trips take place. It is a trip that is enjoyable and supportive of conservation at the same time. Learn more:


One of the trips that is organized by Wild Ark is the EcoTracking 7 Day African Wilderness Experience. In this trip tourists learn how to track, observe and study wildlife animals from some of the world’s best trackers in the African bush. Shangaan trackers serve as your guide and teacher. The trip spans parts of South Africa and nearby Botswana. Learn more:


Animals that can been during the Wild Ark EcoTracking 7 Day African Wilderness Experience include Zebras, Rhinoceros, elephants, antelope, and even lions. The trip includes accommodation in a two person tent that has basic bedding. The price for the trip includes the cost of meals. Tracking of wildlife is done by foot in this trip. At the end of the trip, one can also elect to take an exam to test their mastery of bush tracking.