Randal Nardone, the finance guru at Fortress Investment group

When Randal Nardone, current CEO of Fortress Investment group joined hands with the other principals of the firm in 1998 to establish the company, he was a man on a mission to propel the company to the top. Having been in the finance arena before and having quit another lucrative position at a high profile bank to establish the company, he knew he had what it takes to make it work.

Almost two decades later, he has not only made it work but has achieved, even more, bringing himself massive returns as well. For instance, he now has a net worth of over $1 billion and ranks #557 on Forbes list of self-made billionaires. He has been serving as the chief executive officer of Fortress since 2013 and as one of its principals since 1998.

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How he got here

Before Fortress, Randal Nardone was still an influential individual in the finance realm. For instance, as noted, he had a lucrative job at the Union Bank of Switzerland. But prior to that, he was working at BlackRock which is where he first rubbed shoulders with Wes Edens.

Even though today he is a finance guru, it is important to note that he studied law at Boston University School of law, and holds a JD. Additionally, his first job was at a law firm known as Tacher Proffitt & Wood which is where he discovered his passion for numbers and shifted his focus to finance by joining Blackrock. Randal’s expertise and knowledge when it comes to finance related matters has helped steer Fortress investment group to where we see it today. Besides the JD, Randal Nardone also holds a bachelor degree in biology and English from Connecticut University.

His view on Fortress and Softbank Merger deal

Fortress Investment group recently announced the closure of the take-private merger deal between in and a Japanese based banking giant known as Softbank group, and it seems that all of Fortress’s leaders were impressed with the decision to go private again. Randal Nardone for instance, was pretty optimistic, and he believes that the deal will further strengthen Fortress.

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