Igor Cornelsen’s 50 Year Investment Career

Igor Cornelsen’s career started in 1971 when he became employed at Multibanco to work as an investment banker. This happened immediately after he completed his degree in engineering at the Federal University in the Parana location. Igor Cornelsen was able to work in the banking industry despite having an engineering degree because engineers had the skill to execute computing skills that banks were looking for. The technology at the time was not advanced so banks could not rely on machines to perform the computing skills. Four years after Cornelsen started working at the bank he was appointed to be part of the board of directors because he was very skilled and he had the required knowledge. Igor Cornelsen’s success at Multibanco was quick as in 1976 he was put in the position of CEO. However this only lasted for two years as in 1978, he had to leave since the bank got purchased by Standard Merchant.

Igor Corneslen was forced to look for another job, and he was lucky enough to find employment at Unibanco which was the leading bank at the time. Cornelsen’s career at Unibanco was not as successful as in Multibanco as he had to leave the bank in 1985 when its inflation rates went up. Igor Cornelsen again had to look for another opportunity and found one at Libra Bank PLC which was a branch of the London Merchant Bank. For the first time in his career, Igor Cornelsen was being paid in dollars. Igor Corneslen worked at Libra Bank PLC for a few years, and he was very successful at the bank. A few years later he left together with some associates and went on to another bank. Igor Cornelsen decided to officially leave employment in the year 1995 and build a career for himself.

Find out  more about Igor Cornelsen: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1122009

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