Victoria Doramus’s Addiction And Journey To Recovery

Victoria Doramus’s battle with drug addiction has been a long one, and the journey to recovery has been longer. At only twenty-six years old, Victoria was at what seemed the top of her career to many. What they did not know was life was slowly becoming unbearable for her. It was then, in 2011 she first checked into rehab and was there for forty-five days.

But one thing was evident, she had not yet fully comprehended her condition nor was she aware of how to deal with it. Soon after leaving rehab, she was back at it again, now an addict of Adderall and cocaine.

She tried to put whatever she learned in rehab into practice by trying to change environments and those around her but to no avail. She checked into rehab for the second time in 2016 and this time around spend sixty days in there.

At the time, her mom was ailing of cancer, and she wanted to show her she was capable of riding herself of this deadly disease. As fate would have it, she went back to her old ways, now taking a bottle of amphetamine a day to stay high.

Consumer trends expert Victoria Doramus ruined all her relationships, had no place to stay and during Thanksgiving of 2016 was arrested. With no one to run to her aid, she checked into another rehab, Burning Tree, where she was involved in a twelve step program each lasting a month.

The University of Colorado graduate in Journalism and Communication has worked with different media companies including Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency and Trendera. She has even worked as a personal assistant to the movie producer, Peter Berg. Victoria also published several articles and was involved in researching some books.

It seems third time worked its miracles. After the program, Victoria Doramus worked as a waiter to raise money to see her mom. With her newfound energy to live, she is fully involved in giving back to the society and is a volunteer with Amy Winehouse Foundation, Women Prison Association, Room to Read, and Best Friends Animal Society.

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