Tengram Capital Partners Acquires Lime Crime And Expects To Do Great Things For The Company

Lime Crime Cosmetics was founded by Doe Deere and Mark Dumbleton in 2008. It is a cosmetic company that has become a cult favorite for many. Most of the makeup that the company offers comes in vivid, bright colors and is vegan and cruelty-free. The company recently announced that it has been acquired by Tengram Capital Partners, which is a private equity firm. The brand has fans all over the world and retailers like Ulta.com and Bloomingdales have profited by offering its cosmetics to their customers.

It is expected that the acquisition will be a great help to Lime Crime as the Tengram Capital Partners will be able to offer the support it needs to grow. The cosmetic company is mainly a digital company and will retain its Limecrime.com web property but will also look for new partnerships. At this time, the cosmetic company is working on new, innovative products that will delight its customer base and expects to continue to surprise them with more of what they desire.

A Partner at Tengram, Richard Gersten, commented on the uniqueness of the the company brand and how the company has stayed true to its following for all of these years. He expressed Tengram’s appreciation for what the team at the company has done with the company over the last decade and also praised it for standing out in a field of standout companies. Gersten commented that the company will make a strong addition to its portfolio and that his company is looking forward to helping it to grow.

The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, plans on staying on as part of the company’s board of directors and will stand down as chief executive officer. In her place, Stacy Panagakis will take over who is a woman with plenty of experience with building beauty companies. Ms. Panagakis commented that she is very happy to be teaming up with the company and that she loves the message of empowerment for women that the company represents. Doe Deere also revealed that she is very happy about the acquisition and that she looks forward to seeing what the team will be able to do with the company she built from the ground up.

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