Tengram Capital Partners Acquires Lime Crime And Expects To Do Great Things For The Company

Lime Crime Cosmetics was founded by Doe Deere and Mark Dumbleton in 2008. It is a cosmetic company that has become a cult favorite for many. Most of the makeup that the company offers comes in vivid, bright colors and is vegan and cruelty-free. The company recently announced that it has been acquired by Tengram Capital Partners, which is a private equity firm. The brand has fans all over the world and retailers like Ulta.com and Bloomingdales have profited by offering its cosmetics to their customers.

It is expected that the acquisition will be a great help to Lime Crime as the Tengram Capital Partners will be able to offer the support it needs to grow. The cosmetic company is mainly a digital company and will retain its Limecrime.com web property but will also look for new partnerships. At this time, the cosmetic company is working on new, innovative products that will delight its customer base and expects to continue to surprise them with more of what they desire.

A Partner at Tengram, Richard Gersten, commented on the uniqueness of the the company brand and how the company has stayed true to its following for all of these years. He expressed Tengram’s appreciation for what the team at the company has done with the company over the last decade and also praised it for standing out in a field of standout companies. Gersten commented that the company will make a strong addition to its portfolio and that his company is looking forward to helping it to grow.

The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, plans on staying on as part of the company’s board of directors and will stand down as chief executive officer. In her place, Stacy Panagakis will take over who is a woman with plenty of experience with building beauty companies. Ms. Panagakis commented that she is very happy to be teaming up with the company and that she loves the message of empowerment for women that the company represents. Doe Deere also revealed that she is very happy about the acquisition and that she looks forward to seeing what the team will be able to do with the company she built from the ground up.

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Flavio Maluf: Featuring Background and Reporting on Declination of GDP

Biographical Introduction

Flavio Maluf is a common known entrepreneur who’s both CEO and president of the Eucatex Group. He is from Sao, Paulo, Alagoas, Brazil. Maluf was born to a popular politician in Brazil named Paulo Maluf, on December 2nd 1961. Learn more about Flavio Maluf on Crunchbase

The reporting of Flavio Maluf

FalvioMaluf had reported that the GDP of Agriculture showed a decrease in the beginning of 2018. Also, it was said form the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics or (IBGE), the economy of Brazil generally increased by a percent of 0.4. This was in the year’s first quarter. It was moved up by a percentage of 1.2. The numbers have been taken from by agriculture. Actually, when someone examines only that sector a fact that’s noticed is that the beginning of last year was better than the current year. This topic had been stressed on by Maluf. He also described that the agricultural sector had lost the rhythm in the months of April to June. Some of the plants located in the Center-South that’s harvest began in April had been slowing the pace. It could also end production in the time.

Something else argued by Maluf was referring to a strike of truckers that ended corn’s flow. Maluf had emphasized that with the misplaced product on the farms, the manufacture of animals and in consequence meat was also affected too. He also said soybeans were something that had given birth to GDP was Soybeans.

Something that should also be brought up is that was anticipated was the decrease in agricultural GDP. That was due to the fact that the information of the previous year was pretty high. Flavio Maluf gave a report that 2017 had a lot of productivity at a close to 240 million ton record harvest.

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Services Offered at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a charitable organization based in the UK and purposed to change the lives of the old people positively through psychological and physical support. The group values every effort of the community to make the world a better place to be. Sussex Healthcare welcomes people from all walks of life to receive medical services. At Sussex Healthcare, we offer job opportunities to people with the willingness to spend time with adults with various conditions in life. The institution is in every part of Sussex where we have more than 23 homes and over 500-bed spaces. In every home, we have a qualified chef aided by a team of workers to offer the nutritious meal, especially to residents who require special dietary.

Also, we employ a nurse in every home to check the healthy development of the residents regularly. More so, to the adults living with us having developing statuses like autism, neurological disorder, learning disability, and brain injuries. Our understanding is of a distinctive nature. People entrust the lives of their loved ones to our hands. Also, we offer routine training to the workers and members of the community as part of our practices. The employees value every resident and treat them with dignity and respect. Sussex Healthcare appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor to be the new chief executive officer early this year. As a visionary leader, the CEO acquainted herself with the trends and practices of the institution by visiting all the homes within the shortest time since acquiring the position.

The leader addressed matters concerning healthcare and visited all residents, workers, and the community at large. Morgan-Taylor worked herself up through numerous leadership posts in various public and private healthcare centers. The leader comes with a 30-year experience in medical care. Morgan-Taylor ever worked as service manager, managing director, and quality development director. Thus, she knows all the challenges the workers go through and intends to cooperate with the administration to bring service improvement, compliance, and quality life to the residents. The appointment shows that Sussex healthcare is ready to embrace positive change by giving quality care the rest of the year and in the future.