Securus Technology Provides Free Calls to Inmates.

It has been seven year since every correctional officer’s worst case scenario happened to Robert Johnson. Johnson, who worked at Lee Correctional Institution, was surprised to hear a crash at his door. A stranger entered his home and shot him six times, miraculously, Johnson survived. An inmate at the facility he was employed at used a cell phone to call in a hitman to attack Johnson.


Johnson explains that cell phones are a major problem for prison correctional officers and staff. Inmates who have access to cellphones will continue to orchestrate illegal activities like drug dealing and scams. The worst case scenario is one that he experienced personally: an attack on his life.


Johnson who now works at Securus Technology is advocating to have all prisons install call-preventing technology.. Johnson says confiscating the cellphones is not enough. A countless number of crimes will have already been committed by the time the cellphone is confiscated. Other technology only alerts prison staff of the location of a cellphone when a call is made inside the prison, by the time correctional officers track down the exact location of the call the damage could already be done.


Securus also provides prisons with the technology required to safely monitor inmates calls at designated phones located through-out prisons.


Despite attempts to deny prisoners calls, Securus understands that not all inmates attempting to call are conducting illegal operations. Some prisoners are only trying to contact their friends and family to check in on things. This is why in 2016 Securus arranged that prisoners in Louisiana were able to make one uncharged call per day to check in on their family after the devastating flood.


“Connecting inmates with family is a critical service,” Rick Smith, CEO of Securus began. “The flooding in Louisiana is so significant and severe that we need to take extraordinary measures to help make sure that communication are maintained.”


For a one week period all inmates were allowed one free call per day, providing them with peace of mind in knowing that their families were safe.


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