One half of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team Rodrigo Terpins.

When the green initiative launched their carbon-free sticker campaign, there were very keen to have it embraced by the Bull Sertoes Rally team. This enthusiasm to have them on board stemmed from the need to have one of the most respected team embrace a campaign that was geared towards preserving the environment. The carbon-free sticker was meant that whatever team welcomed the campaign they were ready to support an initiative of planting trees in the Amazon to help in stemming the effects of carbon that is emitted during the course of the rally. This was an important cause, and the Bull Sertoes rally understood this and as so Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins were quick to embrace it ensuring that the T-Rex for both were issued with the sticker. Odiario

This was a victory for the environment, and the Green initiative was now sure that they would be able to bring more teams easily on board as the persuasive power of Rodrigo and Michel Terpins is well known in the racing scene especially for such passionate causes. The team was founded by the two brothers over a decade ago and over the years has been able to turn it from a team of two to one that is fully managed and has a full time technical and management team. The duo of Rodrigo Terpins and Fabricio Manchiana as his navigator are part of the #326 while Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo are members of the #322. You can search on Google for more.

The team has changed navigators but has now accomplished a feat where they both believe that they have achieved a team optimization so to say. Rodrigo Terpins and Fabricio Manchiana took part in the 2600 kilometer twenty-second edition of the Sertoes rally. They were pretty well prepared for it, and as such, they were able to perform quite well. The rally had a total of seven stages which included almost two-thirds timed sections which were meant to test the navigational and driving skills of the drivers as the teams are only allowed to drive to a given maximum speed. The team was able to finish in position three. You can visit their Facebook page.

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