Waiakea Bottled Water Calls for Support as They Strive to Give Water to Disadvantaged Communities

There have been a lot of calls from environmental activists to keep our environment clean and safe. It is a well-known fact that the use disposable plastic water bottles have an adverse impact on the environment when they aren’t disposed of properly or recycled. If you take a look at the majority of the retail outlets, there are hundreds, of different brands of bottled water. Most of these bottles end up in our environment causing pollution.

There is no doubt that bottled water is convenient, and popular especially among travelers. However, only a few people take note of the brand of bottled water that they purchase. What if you were told that by purchasing a particular brand of bottled water, you could bring clean drinking water to millions of impoverished people in the remote areas?

By purchasing the right brand of bottled water, you can quench your thirst while supporting great initiatives from across the world by taking clean drinking water and proper sanitation to the impoverished people in the remote areas of the globe. You can be part of this noble initiative by supporting Waiakea bottled water.

You should try to move from the group of people who pay no attention to the brands of water they buy and start supporting brands that focus on keeping our environment safe and helping those in dire need of water.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of Waiakea bottled water helps in supporting environmental conservation and delivering water to the needy. The Hawaiian volcanic water brand has partnered with a program called Pump Aid that installs special water pumps in the most remote villages around the world.

These pumps supply water that is clean and safe to the locals. Besides, the special pumps are simple and easy to maintain locally. The initiative has gained a lot of popularity from across the world, and people have come forth to support this noble initiative.

Although the initiative builds and installs special pumps in remote areas across the world, their main interest has been Malawi in Africa. Malawi is considered as one of the most under developed, landlocked country in the entire world.

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