Mike Heiligenstein Holds a Meeting with the county officials of Williamson

In Williamson County specifically Austin, one of the major drawbacks is Traffic. The drawback has persisted in the county, for an extended period now, and the issue is quite a big deal in the county. The situation has been extreme that triggered the formation of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority to try and curb the situation and come up a with a suitable solution.

At the end of last year i.e. December, the boss of CTRMA called for a meeting with the most significant individuals in the mobility industry of Austin. The venue for the meeting was Sheraton Georgetown Texas conference center. The meeting however that was held in the 5-star conference centers was very different from the other meeting that held before. The Agenda of the meeting was to cover mobility of the whole area of Williamson County.

According to Crunchbase, the meeting was attended both major stakeholders like the External Affairs Directors of Uber Technologies of Texas branch, Leandre Johns, the Executive Director of CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein and the founder of RideScout firm. What was noted in the meeting was that the officials and the public in Austin did an outstanding job on reducing the traffic jam in the area.

The staff of Austin area boasted of driverless roads and wider roads and all in which have a full, significant impact in reducing traffic jam. However, the experts noted that the area is currently attracting more people to the area. They came to a conclusion that the expansion of roads was not enough and that they should come up with a better solution.

About Mike Heiligenstein

Heilingenstein is currently the Executive Director of the Central Regional Mobility Authority. Mike was appointed to this job after being shortlisted and was among the three finalists who are eligible for the job. Before he served for CTRMA, he was serving in Round Rock as county council member.


This independent (CTRMA), Central Texas Mobility Authority, was launched in 2003. The main aim why the independent body was formed was to tackle mobility problems in Travis and Williamson Counties.

George Soros – Highly Respected Political Contributor and Philanthropist

In the political landscape of the United States and many other countries, George Soros is a well-known personality. He has played a pivotal role in the political space of the United States in the last couple of decades, by supporting politically and financially, some of the most influential Democrats. It includes the recent U.S. Presidential Election, where George Soros spent close to $30 million to back Hillary Clinton, and defeat Donald Trump, who he severely dislikes for his policies.

As one of the most successful hedge funders on the planet with the wealth close to $25 Billion, George Soros is known as one of the most influential political contributors on the globe. George Soros is a Hungarian-born Jew, who was forced to leave his country while still a teenager to escape the atrocities of Nazis. He along with his family fled to the United Kingdom, where George Soros joined London School of Economics to study Economics. After completing his studies, George worked with a local merchant bank for a while before moving to the United States to try his luck at the world’s most powerful and largest financial district, the Wall Street.

Learn more: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977

After several years working on Wall Street, George Soros managed to start his fund with $12 million, which is now known as Quantum Fund. It marked the birth of the Soros Management, which till date continues to be one of the largest and the most successful hedge fund and asset management firm on the planet with over $30 Billion in assets under management. George Soros is also the founder of Open Society Foundation, which is regarded as one of the wealthiest and high-funded philanthropic organizations in the world. Open Society Foundation supports and donates to charitable and independent organizations that support the causes George Soros feel for, including migrant rights, justice reforms, racial disparity, equal opportunities, financial empowerment, developing close-knitted communities, and more. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com.

In a recent move, George Soros pledged $500 million to support the businesses started by immigrants and refugees. He feels that immigrants are not able to get the kind of opportunities they deserve and are treated as second class citizens. It is also one of the reasons for him wanting to defeat Donald Trump as his policies aim to destroy what George Soros has worked for so long. Few other organizations Open Society Foundation donates to include Arab American Institute, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, All of Us or None, America Coming Together, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, Change America Now, Drum Major Institute, EarthJustice, Four Freedoms Fund, Gamaliel Foundation, Human Rights First, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, Immigration Advocates Network, and more. George Soros aims at building a better tomorrow with the wealth he has accumulated over the years to support organizations that align with the causes he believes in. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

Beverly Hills Auto Group Has Got the Goods

Buying a used BMW is the only way to go. If you choose to buy a new BMW, you are probably spending at least $20,000 more than if you just bought a used one instead. If you choose to buy a used BMW, then you can avoid pricey new car fees and depreciation. You can even score a really nice customized car without having to pay for all that customization. Buying used also means that you have more choices as well.


Beverly Hills Auto Group offers many brands to choose form and great customer service. Beverly Hills Auto Group will take on your trade-in and will exceed your expectations. Beverly Hills Auto group only used BMW’s that will pass inspection and encourages you to bring in your own mechanic. Beverly Hills Auto Group will also get you approved for your car loan in a s few as three easy steps.

Lori Senecal, To Relinquish Her Role As Global CEO of CP+B At End Of 2017

Lori Senecal, who was pivotal in helping CP+B acquire American Airlines as one of its top clients, a highlight of her career, is going to be leaving her role at the agency as its Global CEO. Senecal who’s role with MDC Partner’s agency CP+B at the time was a newly formed role for her, will be stepping down at the end of 2017. Prior to her position with CP+B, Senecal served as President and CEO of MDC Partners Network, a position she held during her tenure with CP+B.

Senecal’s position with CP+B helped it to become a global force in the advertising arena, with a flexible entrepreneurial spirit. Her insight and knowledge helped the company to grow and gain ground in a very competitive field. Her leadership helped the company to acquire an account with American Airlines in October 2015, taking that role away from TM Advertising who had worked with the airline company for 25 years.

Now, Senecal is helping CP+B develop a new generation of leadership within the company, one that is dynamic and will serve to help the agency continue to grow globally and become a force to be reckoned with. Lori, with the help of key staff members such as Chairman Chuck Porter, are taking things slowly and carefully planning the future of the agency’s leadership and role in the advertising world. Senecal, along with Porter are trying to make this a smooth transition for the company as she prepares to leave the agency at the end of the year.

Lori Senecal was named one of Advertising Age’s Women to Watch in 2014. She was also honored by the AWNY Game Changer Awards by receiving the Quantum Leap Award for leadership and innovation in 2013. She is a member of The Ad Council Board of Directors. More details can be found on Adweek.


Measure To Adopt To Safeguard Your Retirement Savings, According To Warren Buffet

Tim Armour has been quoted remarking that it’s impossible for the interest rates to fall any further, yet the rates still fell some more. What’s interesting to see is how well the markets have held their footing and ground, in 2017.

According to CNBC Tim Armour and others believe that change is indeed coming and it’s best to be prepared. Here’s how Warren Buffet advises you to go about securing your present portfolio investment standings and most importantly, guaranteeing your retirement age.

Warren is renowned for his ingenious approach to investing. That’s why he’s currently ranked as the globe’s number one financial consultant and expert on sectors like stocks and shares, commodities and equities. He thinks that it would be prudent for consumers to stick with their guts when it came to mutual funds investing. That is as opposed to them hiring an exorbitantly priced venture capitalist manager who only ends up earning them modest returns at best.

Bleak Prospects for Investors

Did you know that investing with the hedge fund bosses and brokers mostly yield gains of less than 5% (at best) nowadays? Many firms don’t even succeed in helping the client break-even in some months. Losses after the next are the order the day with them. If you’ve lost a ton of money to the brokers, here’s what Warren recommends. Do your in-depth, thorough research on the passive indexes traded on the major stock market indices, for instance on the S&P 500. Consult with a learned friend who works in the finance world and get a better understanding of the fundamentals of the company. Sink money in the investment opportunity independently. No need for you to hire a stock broker and this only serves to increase the money on your wallet.

Using Buffet’s simple but profound formula, it’s possible to realize modest and reasonable gains in the short-term and in the long-term prospects as well. Timothy Armour didn’t quite agree with the investment maestro from Nebraska on this one. According to Tim Armour, experiences do differ as his clients had been on a winning streak despite the volatile times.

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About Tim Armour

Timothy Armour, fondly known as Tim is a leading portfolio asset manager working with the Capital Group VC firm. Timothy Armour the CEO, Principal Executive and Overall Board Chairman of the successful mutual fund’s company stationed in Los Angeles, California. Tim has a business degree from the Middlebury College in the USA. He has worked, in various positions, at Capital for 35 years.

Why EOS Lip Balm Should Be Considered As Being a Top Choice of Yours For Essential Lip Health

If you need to apply lip balm to your lips due to them being dry and/or cracked, then please feel free to look into a brand that has recently emerged as being a top choice in the particular market of health and beauty products. The name of the lip balm that has been recently renowned as being a top choice due to its quality is EOS Lip Balm. Not only has it received many positive reviews and feedback, its sales have surpassed that of Blistex and Chapstick, two very well-known lip balm product producers that have existed for much longer than EOS Lip Balm.

There are several reasons why an individual should consider keeping their lips moisturized throughout the day. EOS Lip balm (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html) offers a moisturizing effect that enables the individual to live comfortably from knowing that their lips won’t crack and/or blister due to dehydration.

EOS Lip balm is not a product that is meant to be considered as being a “last resort” solution for keeping one’s lips moisturized, but one that should be utilized regularly, as it enables the individual to possess a healthy feeling mouth, one that they can feel comfortable smiling with, as opposed to feeling like they are going to split apart due to being dry and improperly maintained. If you are wanting to utilize EOS Lip Balm to keep your lips moisturized, then please don’t hesitate to ask the manager of your local Walgreens supermarket, convenient store, gas station, or Lucky Vitamin pharmacy whether they carry the particular brand or not. You may greatly thank yourself when you notice your lips looking much healthier with the shine they give off upon looking in the mirror. It is a great product that offers convenience with its size, as it can easily be kept and transported within one’s pockets.

Fabletics Uses Reverse Showroom Technique to Product High Impact Wear for Work Outs

Branding is the key strategy in any growing successful business. For new brands looking forward to entering new markets, it is essential for the management to work on formulating strategies that can grow the business carefully. While the strategies can promote sales, it is not easy for a new brand to catch the attention of consumers instantly. This is because most consumers prefer brands they can easily identify with. In the fashion industry, most clients settle for brands that define their lifestyles, culture, and personality. It, therefore, means that a new brand in fashion would have to suit the needs of a shopper. That is what Fabletics, a clothing line custom made for clients has successfully managed to execute.






With Amazon being the major controller of over 20% of online businesses, Fabletics has vastly embraced the online marketing strategies and implemented what seems difficult for other companies to growing the multi-billion dollar company. Kate Hudson’s team of professionals has under her leadership developed a platform for women to purchase sports apparel as well as lose stylish wear for comfort and healthy lifestyles. The company employs a method of monthly subscriptions in a mechanism to sell their brand to its clients. The platform is simple and easy to apply in purchasing the products.



Reverse Showroom



Unlike in the past where their prices defined high-quality brands, Fabletics combines convenience, style, and availability to attract its clients. This is the current benchmark for high-quality brands. The membership model of Fabletics allows customers to personalize themselves with the brands. For every purchase, the management identifies mostly purchased and browsed commodities. This result determines what should be produced and availed in the physical stores. Depending on the seasons, shoppers have discounted goods as a token of appreciation for being a member of Fabletics. Personalization of a product makes production easy.






Most brands have a showroom online where clients browse and go to cheaper stores for shopping. Unlike those brands, Fabletics has invested in reverse showrooms. This involves conducting research based on what the customers browse the most. Depending on that result, the management avails the products. Fabletics have transformed negative browsing into a positive tool for business. This strategy works positively towards increasing product sales and company worth. The future of Fabletics is growing with more plans being developed by the team. Just like A Foodie Stays Fit says in her review, Fabletics offers high-impact bras and tights for workouts after a tasty, delicious meal made from her recipes.