Robert Ivy Shares Tactics That Would Boost Your Career

Your career success depends on your professional credibility, networking power, as well as your job hunting tactics. Although, most people more especially young professionals lack the right tactic to boost their employability. On that account, they miss the chance to secure their dream job.

Are you one of those young professionals? If yes, Robert Ivy suggests that joining a relevant professional organization would be a practical way to improve your employability. How can the societies help you secure your dream job?

1. The organizations bond you to like-minded peers
Professional societies host regular workshops, seminars, job fairs, receptions, and other events that unite professionals with common ambitions. The networking events let you exchange fresh ideas with your peers, and it opens doors to career openings. Also, the networking events enhance your visibility, it extends your support network, and it nurtures your self-belief.

2. The organizations give an opportunity to continue learning
Professional networks have plenty of online learning resources tailored according to your profession’s unique needs. Robert Ivy says that the organizations allow their members to access the learning resources anytime anywhere.

Why would you need to access the library? The study resources keep you abreast with your profession’s changing trends, and it imparts you with the self-confidence that you need to hunt for lucrative job openings.

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3. Professional organizations enhance your job searching skills
Professional organizations cooperate with a team of professionals with profession-specific job hunting skills. The experts hone the young professionals’ job hunting skills, and they help them to build the credibility that would make them stand out. Belonging to a professional society is an added advantage during an interview.

4. Professional organizations streamline your career
Robert Ivy says that the societies are always at the forefront of protecting their members’ rights. They negotiate with the relevant authorities to adopt friendly policies. Also, the organizations empower their members.

About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is a respected architect in the United States. In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi branded him as a Master Architect who had transformed the architectural sector. He is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: A Future Global Presence

For a lot of consumers, did not come into existence until 2005 when they opened their online shop. Many of them did not know that the company had enjoyed a previous existence as a brick-and-mortar store with over a dozen locations. The break-and-mortar store had been dubbed Jingdong Mall and was run by the charismatic founder Richard Liu Qiangdong. Richard Liu talks about those early days with as a brick-and-mortar location in his interview with and how it grew to become one of China’s biggest online retailers for a variety of products.

One of the most interesting things about the growth of is that the original Jingdong Mall was not a purveyor of such an extensive list of items. They were mostly focused on very specific technology products. Richard Liu Qiangdong started the company in 1998 because he needed to make money for his family. He had a lot of people depending on him and he needed to make the education that he received and past experiences that he had gained in business work for him. As he is speaking to the interviewer, he explains that Jingdong Mall was very important to him personally, but he also wanted it to be a sound company for the community.

When he moved the company online and his goals were no different. He talks a lot about how it was paramount to him that the company remains an honest entity in an anonymous retail market online. While he was forced to move online because of the SARS outbreak from the previous year, Richard Liu Qiangdong found that it was a wonderful place for a company like Jingdong Mall. He compressed the company name down to the initials and started working on providing consumers with a variety of categories that would fill their needs. Today this is one of the reasons why is so successful. They engaged the growth opportunity that they were given and push for something better. Richard Liu explains that the company is still pushing for better options and will likely move into a more global presence in the coming years.


Victoria Doramus’s Addiction And Journey To Recovery

Victoria Doramus’s battle with drug addiction has been a long one, and the journey to recovery has been longer. At only twenty-six years old, Victoria was at what seemed the top of her career to many. What they did not know was life was slowly becoming unbearable for her. It was then, in 2011 she first checked into rehab and was there for forty-five days.

But one thing was evident, she had not yet fully comprehended her condition nor was she aware of how to deal with it. Soon after leaving rehab, she was back at it again, now an addict of Adderall and cocaine.

She tried to put whatever she learned in rehab into practice by trying to change environments and those around her but to no avail. She checked into rehab for the second time in 2016 and this time around spend sixty days in there.

At the time, her mom was ailing of cancer, and she wanted to show her she was capable of riding herself of this deadly disease. As fate would have it, she went back to her old ways, now taking a bottle of amphetamine a day to stay high.

Consumer trends expert Victoria Doramus ruined all her relationships, had no place to stay and during Thanksgiving of 2016 was arrested. With no one to run to her aid, she checked into another rehab, Burning Tree, where she was involved in a twelve step program each lasting a month.

The University of Colorado graduate in Journalism and Communication has worked with different media companies including Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency and Trendera. She has even worked as a personal assistant to the movie producer, Peter Berg. Victoria also published several articles and was involved in researching some books.

It seems third time worked its miracles. After the program, Victoria Doramus worked as a waiter to raise money to see her mom. With her newfound energy to live, she is fully involved in giving back to the society and is a volunteer with Amy Winehouse Foundation, Women Prison Association, Room to Read, and Best Friends Animal Society.

Rocketship Education; Transcending Educational Approaches

Rocketship education is made up of a network of non-profit public elementary charter schools. These charter schools serve low income communities which have limited access to excellent schools. Rocketship was founded in 2006 with the main aim of eliminating the achievement gap by building a sustainable and scalable school model with the aim of propelling student achievement in communities that are underserved in the country. The instruction model at Rocketship is technology supported and teacher led approach to ensure that the students are matched with the right content, at the right time while using the right model of instruction.

According to Edsurge, Rocketship operated five schools in the San Jose region by 2012. The average number of students in the school was about 450 students per school. In the Rocketship education, at least 90% of the students qualify for getting free lunch from the school. Approximately 75% of the students speak English as a second language. Some of the benefits of Rocketship education include better classroom management. The techniques applied in the program ensure that the students get as much knowledge as possible within the time that they are in school. This knowledge is imparted in a way that enables student from the program to compete favorably with others.

One of the programs that Rocketship uses to improve the learners experience is DreamBox learning. This program offers customized computer-based lessons that help students to learn more maths with the help of a teacher. The computer based lessons are neither too hard nor too easy. The program collects and analyzes data about the students’ abilities for the teachers to use in determining the areas of weakness of the students in mathematics. The program provides the students with an engaging learning format that helps them to make steady progress and to gain confidence in working on their own.

Technology use in Rocketship education makes the learning experience of students and the teachers more fulfilling. The incorporation of technology ensures that the students who undergo Rocketship education program have access to the best learning environment and modern approaches to learning. This approach makes it easier for students to consume more knowledge making them competitive.

Madison Street Capital Has a New Managing Director

International banking and investing firm, Madison Street Capital, has recently announced its new managing director, Lawrence Alioto. The banking firm, Madison Street Capital, serves to advise in corporate financial decisions such as acquisitions expertise and on mergers and valuation of privately and publicly owned businesses. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that started in Chicago and has been in the business for thirteen years. Madison Street Capital has been distinguished to serve the public and private middle market.



The investment banking firm recently announced its new managing director. Lawrence Alioto, who is a graduate from the University of Southern California majored in Economics and has an extensive and impressive profile. Alioto started in Chicago in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he began as the options trader and currency futures. He eventually moved on to becoming a registered representative for PaineWebber, which was located in San Francisco. The new managing director had moved to private equity having roles in two different companies located in California.



Alioto has served in different industries ranging from energy efficient technology to medical aids and devices even dwindling in film production. He currently is an active board member of Kaizen Oil Corp. With a lot of expertise in various fields under his belt both international and domestic, Alioto is the perfect choice of Madison Street Capital.



Madison Street Capital’s goals in instilling and retaining integrity, leadership in the investment banking firm service range for its clients, domestically and internationally, will be handled and directed well by an experienced managing director, Lawrence Alioto. Madison Street Capital’s decision to bring aboard Alioto was explained by the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway. He spoke of Alioto’s expertise in the field and his strength in the tech business. Botchway goes on to say that the demand for technology is increasing from their clients and they feel that it is an important path for the company to take and what more than a more experienced and suitable person than Alioto to help lead the way. Madison Street Capital is set to open in Austin, and Botchway noted that they foresee more of a need to bring Lawrence Alioto on as managing director to help this cause. Alioto has spoken about his nomination and is excited to begin despite knowing there will be challenging to expect and new things to experience but he is set for the challenge.


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Matt Badiali excels with the idea of freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is perhaps the most controversial investment idea that we have ever seen in the industry in 2018. When it was introduced in a viral video by Matt Badiali, some people rushed to dismiss it as a scam. First of all, they did not know who the man behind the video was, and therefore it was hard for them to believe that a get rich quick idea such as the one he was introducing would bear good results. Those who dismissed the idea have themselves to blame for not benefiting from the proceeds of Freedom Checks. In the period that Matt Badiali has been in the industry, one of the best things he has done is to be generous with information. While some people feel that an idea is too good to be true, others no about his capabilities and are ready to listen to him.

Over the past few years, investors who follow him have been making huge returns from their investments. Matt Badiali is a specialist in natural resources. He has a master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University and a bachelors in Earth Science from Penn State University. As far as education about natural resources are concerned, he has the necessary qualifications to lead others. He has demonstrated that he has the requisite knowledge needed to make the right investment decision. On top of the education, he has been to many parts of the world, interacting with different people, with the aim of enhancing his knowledge about the industry. He has made great strides in the industry by meeting CEOs of mining companies and discussing with them the challenges of the industry. To know more about the company click here.

When Matt Badiali talks about Freedom Checks, which are coming from companies that deal with natural resources, then he is sure about what he is talking about. Freedom Checks is a marketing language which simply means the returns to be made from investing in companies that deal with natural resources. The idea he is proposing is highly profitable, and those who will make the best decisions will multiply their money by 8000 percent.


Shiraz Boghani – A Prosperous Entrepreneur

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a United Kingdom vibrant businessperson who was born in Kenya. He moved to the United Kingdom in 1969. On arrival to the United Kingdom, Shiraz trained as an accountant in a chartered account firm. As a business entrepreneur, Shiraz oversaw chances in hotel, healthcare and hospitality industry. He then founded The Splendid Hospitality Group. Under the management of building hotel industry, the Splendid Group has produced the top services in the hotel and hospitality sectors. Shiraz always services, designs, operates, renovates and makes many comfortable hotels that he manages all over England. Splendid Groups operates in the United Kingdom and owns more than 20 operating hotels. Shiraz has proven to be one of the best entrepreneurs who used the opportunity and ventured into the hotelier industries in London, England. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Shiraz Boghani is also a celebrated leader for his excellent management and leadership skills he portrayed at the Splendid Hospitality Group. He is experienced in the hospitality after he has operated there for more than a decade. Moreover, Shiraz is so much famous for his good management and leadership skills he portrayed at the Splendid Hospitality Group. The Asian Business Awards recognized excellence and quality service by awarding the 2016 Hotelier of the Year Award to Mr. Shiraz Boghani. The award proves him has the best person in hospitality.

Shiraz Boghani has been utilizing every opportunity that comes underway. He is one of the founders of the Sussex Health Care, which offers residential for senior citizens and people living with neurological difficulties. Sussex is the greatest elderly care in the United Kingdom. Shiraz with other founders has helped to grow Sussex healthcare whereby they have led to the establishment of the new gym in the West Sussex. The new gym welcomes the care homes inhabitants and any member of the community who is physically disadvantaged to take advantage of their highly trained members.

Currently, Mr. Shiraz possesses and manages about 20 business hotels across the United Kingdom. His businesses are successful and have been able to expand to larger projects such as The Conrad London St. James, The Grand and, SPA Hotel, The York and Holiday Hotel, and The Hilton London Bankside.

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Wesley Edens, the co-owner of the Milwaukee basketball team and co-principal of Fortress group

Wes Edens is a prosperous investor. He is an American national. He was born in 1961 October 30th. He resides in New York together with his family. He is married to one wife and has four lovely children. His hobbies are Horse jumping and mountain climbing.

Edens is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. The club participates in the National Basketball Association league. Milwaukee is located in Wisconsin. Edens co-owns the club with Marc Lasry. Marc is also a successful businessman conducting different types of commercial businesses in the US.

Wes Edens is also the co-chairman and co-principal of Fortress Investment Group. Wes, together with other four principals established the group in 1998. The other principals comprise Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, Robert Kauffman and Michael Edward. The company’s headquarters are based in New York.

Fortress investment is recorded as the first private equity to change to a public entity. Since the firm was established, it has been under the watch of Wesley Edens. Edens succeeded in taking the firm through the preliminary public offering. By 2009, the Investment Group had managed to sell 8% of its shares which totalled over $ 600 million.

Before Wes Edens became a co-principal of the Fortress firm, he had worked in two different Companies. He worked for Lehman Brothers Company and Blackrock’s firm. Edens joined the University of Oregon. It’s in this institution that the financial expert pursued and graduated with a degree of Science in Finance and Business Administration. Edens graduated in 1984. To know more about him click here.

Wes started working three years after leaving school. He gained most of his experience from the services that he offered at Lehman and Blackrock’s companies. In both organisations, he worked as a managing director and a partner.

Since the Fortress group was established, Wes Edens has been on the forefront to ensure the Group’s activities are running smoothly. He has been a reliable resource ready to see the Organisation succeeding. He is the interim chairman of the Springleaf financial services.

Wes relates well to all the employees working at Fortress Investment Group. He is a straightforward leader who embraces the power of teamwork.

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EOS Lip Balm: How the Egg-Shaped Lip Balm Turned into a Global Brand

In the early stages of product research prior to creating their brand, EOS developers, Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, came to the conclusion that they wanted to develop one-of-a-kind products that were specifically designed for women. They quickly became aware of the lack of lip care products created for women, and had confidence in their ideas for lip balms which pleased each of the five senses. Beyond the overall design of the products, there was much more work that needed to be figured out, including financing and distribution. Despite their experiences speaking with experts, the two entrepreneurs ultimately decided to take a risk, and go with their unique ideas for flavors and design. Even after taking into account that there was a possibility their products would not sell, they felt going with their initial instincts was best for the brand. Their confidence and passion truly showed, as much of the initial funding was their own money, and they were at risk of losing it all.

Jonathan and Sanjiv faced many difficulties while pitching their brand to investors, as many found it unoriginal, and pointed to an oversaturated lip care market. Despite having confidence in the brand, they learned the products would never grab the attention of investors, let alone consumers, if they did not stand out on their own.

Fast forward seven years, EOS brand now covers the shelves of many of the most popular stores in the United States and other countries. Interestingly enough, much of the initial advertising came from word of mouth, allowing Jonathan and Sanjiv to see how the products were received by consumers before committing to an advertising strategy. EOS is now adored by businesses, celebrities, and women of all ages. What began as a daring business decision, is now a 250 million dollar company.

Flavio Maluf: Featuring Background and Reporting on Declination of GDP

Biographical Introduction

Flavio Maluf is a common known entrepreneur who’s both CEO and president of the Eucatex Group. He is from Sao, Paulo, Alagoas, Brazil. Maluf was born to a popular politician in Brazil named Paulo Maluf, on December 2nd 1961. Learn more about Flavio Maluf on Crunchbase

The reporting of Flavio Maluf

FalvioMaluf had reported that the GDP of Agriculture showed a decrease in the beginning of 2018. Also, it was said form the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics or (IBGE), the economy of Brazil generally increased by a percent of 0.4. This was in the year’s first quarter. It was moved up by a percentage of 1.2. The numbers have been taken from by agriculture. Actually, when someone examines only that sector a fact that’s noticed is that the beginning of last year was better than the current year. This topic had been stressed on by Maluf. He also described that the agricultural sector had lost the rhythm in the months of April to June. Some of the plants located in the Center-South that’s harvest began in April had been slowing the pace. It could also end production in the time.

Something else argued by Maluf was referring to a strike of truckers that ended corn’s flow. Maluf had emphasized that with the misplaced product on the farms, the manufacture of animals and in consequence meat was also affected too. He also said soybeans were something that had given birth to GDP was Soybeans.

Something that should also be brought up is that was anticipated was the decrease in agricultural GDP. That was due to the fact that the information of the previous year was pretty high. Flavio Maluf gave a report that 2017 had a lot of productivity at a close to 240 million ton record harvest.

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