Wesley Edens, the co-owner of the Milwaukee basketball team and co-principal of Fortress group

Wes Edens is a prosperous investor. He is an American national. He was born in 1961 October 30th. He resides in New York together with his family. He is married to one wife and has four lovely children. His hobbies are Horse jumping and mountain climbing.

Edens is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. The club participates in the National Basketball Association league. Milwaukee is located in Wisconsin. Edens co-owns the club with Marc Lasry. Marc is also a successful businessman conducting different types of commercial businesses in the US.

Wes Edens is also the co-chairman and co-principal of Fortress Investment Group. Wes, together with other four principals established the group in 1998. The other principals comprise Peter Briger, Randal Nardone, Robert Kauffman and Michael Edward. The company’s headquarters are based in New York.

Fortress investment is recorded as the first private equity to change to a public entity. Since the firm was established, it has been under the watch of Wesley Edens. Edens succeeded in taking the firm through the preliminary public offering. By 2009, the Investment Group had managed to sell 8% of its shares which totalled over $ 600 million.

Before Wes Edens became a co-principal of the Fortress firm, he had worked in two different Companies. He worked for Lehman Brothers Company and Blackrock’s firm. Edens joined the University of Oregon. It’s in this institution that the financial expert pursued and graduated with a degree of Science in Finance and Business Administration. Edens graduated in 1984. To know more about him click here.

Wes started working three years after leaving school. He gained most of his experience from the services that he offered at Lehman and Blackrock’s companies. In both organisations, he worked as a managing director and a partner.

Since the Fortress group was established, Wes Edens has been on the forefront to ensure the Group’s activities are running smoothly. He has been a reliable resource ready to see the Organisation succeeding. He is the interim chairman of the Springleaf financial services.

Wes relates well to all the employees working at Fortress Investment Group. He is a straightforward leader who embraces the power of teamwork.

Visit his website: http://www.wesedens.com/

EOS Lip Balm: How the Egg-Shaped Lip Balm Turned into a Global Brand

In the early stages of product research prior to creating their brand, EOS developers, Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, came to the conclusion that they wanted to develop one-of-a-kind products that were specifically designed for women. They quickly became aware of the lack of lip care products created for women, and had confidence in their ideas for lip balms which pleased each of the five senses. Beyond the overall design of the products, there was much more work that needed to be figured out, including financing and distribution. Despite their experiences speaking with experts, the two entrepreneurs ultimately decided to take a risk, and go with their unique ideas for flavors and design. Even after taking into account that there was a possibility their products would not sell, they felt going with their initial instincts was best for the brand. Their confidence and passion truly showed, as much of the initial funding was their own money, and they were at risk of losing it all.

Jonathan and Sanjiv faced many difficulties while pitching their brand to investors, as many found it unoriginal, and pointed to an oversaturated lip care market. Despite having confidence in the brand, they learned the products would never grab the attention of investors, let alone consumers, if they did not stand out on their own.

Fast forward seven years, EOS brand now covers the shelves of many of the most popular stores in the United States and other countries. Interestingly enough, much of the initial advertising came from word of mouth, allowing Jonathan and Sanjiv to see how the products were received by consumers before committing to an advertising strategy. EOS is now adored by businesses, celebrities, and women of all ages. What began as a daring business decision, is now a 250 million dollar company.

Flavio Maluf: Featuring Background and Reporting on Declination of GDP

Biographical Introduction

Flavio Maluf is a common known entrepreneur who’s both CEO and president of the Eucatex Group. He is from Sao, Paulo, Alagoas, Brazil. Maluf was born to a popular politician in Brazil named Paulo Maluf, on December 2nd 1961. Learn more about Flavio Maluf on Crunchbase

The reporting of Flavio Maluf

FalvioMaluf had reported that the GDP of Agriculture showed a decrease in the beginning of 2018. Also, it was said form the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics or (IBGE), the economy of Brazil generally increased by a percent of 0.4. This was in the year’s first quarter. It was moved up by a percentage of 1.2. The numbers have been taken from by agriculture. Actually, when someone examines only that sector a fact that’s noticed is that the beginning of last year was better than the current year. This topic had been stressed on by Maluf. He also described that the agricultural sector had lost the rhythm in the months of April to June. Some of the plants located in the Center-South that’s harvest began in April had been slowing the pace. It could also end production in the time.

Something else argued by Maluf was referring to a strike of truckers that ended corn’s flow. Maluf had emphasized that with the misplaced product on the farms, the manufacture of animals and in consequence meat was also affected too. He also said soybeans were something that had given birth to GDP was Soybeans.

Something that should also be brought up is that was anticipated was the decrease in agricultural GDP. That was due to the fact that the information of the previous year was pretty high. Flavio Maluf gave a report that 2017 had a lot of productivity at a close to 240 million ton record harvest.

Read more: https://ideamensch.com/flavio-maluf/


Services Offered at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a charitable organization based in the UK and purposed to change the lives of the old people positively through psychological and physical support. The group values every effort of the community to make the world a better place to be. Sussex Healthcare welcomes people from all walks of life to receive medical services. At Sussex Healthcare, we offer job opportunities to people with the willingness to spend time with adults with various conditions in life. The institution is in every part of Sussex where we have more than 23 homes and over 500-bed spaces. In every home, we have a qualified chef aided by a team of workers to offer the nutritious meal, especially to residents who require special dietary.

Also, we employ a nurse in every home to check the healthy development of the residents regularly. More so, to the adults living with us having developing statuses like autism, neurological disorder, learning disability, and brain injuries. Our understanding is of a distinctive nature. People entrust the lives of their loved ones to our hands. Also, we offer routine training to the workers and members of the community as part of our practices. The employees value every resident and treat them with dignity and respect. Sussex Healthcare appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor to be the new chief executive officer early this year. As a visionary leader, the CEO acquainted herself with the trends and practices of the institution by visiting all the homes within the shortest time since acquiring the position.

The leader addressed matters concerning healthcare and visited all residents, workers, and the community at large. Morgan-Taylor worked herself up through numerous leadership posts in various public and private healthcare centers. The leader comes with a 30-year experience in medical care. Morgan-Taylor ever worked as service manager, managing director, and quality development director. Thus, she knows all the challenges the workers go through and intends to cooperate with the administration to bring service improvement, compliance, and quality life to the residents. The appointment shows that Sussex healthcare is ready to embrace positive change by giving quality care the rest of the year and in the future.

Why is the Financial Institution to Watch Out Globally

During the Texas Banker’s Association 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, which was hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana, the President, and CEO of NexBank were among the panelists. It was held on November 7, 2016, and the topic was “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”.

The conference is a forum for consultants, bank leaders, and advisors. They share various ideas, opportunities, and problems facing banking community at large. Main strategic opportunities include branching and organic growth.

NexBank is leading and fast-rising financial institution based in Dallas, US. NexBank was founded in 1922 by James Dondero and currently has 88 employees. It is a financial company that serves its customers through three business units: Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking, and institutional services. NexBank offers its services to large corporations, institutional customers, and other financial banking institutions.

NexBank is a trusted financial service institution and partners with real estate developers, investors, and owners in the completion of real estate projects ranging from development, refinancing and acquisitions. The institution has professionals who carry research on ways to maximize earnings, increasing efficiencies and accelerating growth. They offer distinct expertise through correspondent banking that assists customers in improving their financial position. As a reflection of strong relationships with partners, Kroll Bond Rating Agency gives top ratings to the company due to its earnings and liquidity profile.

Nexbank also offers credit services to its clients. It provides third-party access to senior secured loans and floating rates. The primary focus of NexBank is to create long-term relations with its partners. Due to a firm understanding of the market, the professionals provide solutions to responsible and fast lending. As at March 2018, the bank had consolidated assets of more than $8.4 billion. The upper management of Nexbank continually engages with employees. Every staff in the company knows vision and mission of the institution making service delivery more accessible and quality work.

Todd Lubar  Expert Real Estate Investor from Baltimore

There are very few people in the United States who have such in-depth understanding of the real estate business as Todd Lubar. With nearly three decades of experience in the real estate sector, Todd Lubar has one of the biggest real estate investment portfolios, and currently helps the individual as well as commercial real estate investors and buyers. Many factors collectively work to help you achieve success in any field, and Todd Lubar has showcased all the qualities to reach great heights of success in the field of real estate and finance. Starting from working as a loan originator to now holding the position of Senior Vice President at Charter Funding, subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Corporation, Todd Lubar has a remarkable journey in the world of real estate investments and finance.


Todd Lubar has done his graduation from Syracuse University in Speech Communication and started working soon after completing his studies. He had entrepreneurial spirit from the very beginning as he mentioned in an interview that while other kids loved to play, he was busy selling lemonade and hot dogs at the street corner. Todd Lubar says that the market is filled with negative rumors about the Baltimore real estate market and that people should not follow or believe these rumors without doing the independent research themselves. The population in the last few years in Baltimore has reduced, and it is what the mainstream media is picking to spread the negative news. However, Todd said that the fact is that while older people are moving out of Baltimore, younger people are coming in. It is helping dramatically to boost the economy and bringing in new companies in the region.


Many new start-ups have successfully surfaced here in the past few years, and all these points indicate that the real estate market here is going to grow further in the years to come. There are many new residential complexes and other developments that are in progress across the city, and realtors are finding it hard to meet the growing demand for modern apartments and condominiums. Todd Lubar said that the people with ready investment should not worry about their finances in the Baltimore’s real estate market as it would provide good returns in the future.


Todd Lubar currently helps people achieve their dream of owning a home as the President of TDL Ventures and the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding. He also holds a residential development company by the name of Legendary Investments. He believes that success in the real estate comes with experience and hard work and says that people should not lose focus of their goals as it is what would help you put in your hundred percent day in and day out.



Talkspace Redefines Therapy in Digital Age

Talkspace has become a very valuable app for people that have needs to discuss their problems. Traditional therapy may not be something that certain people are trying to engage in, but they know that they may have problems that need to be resolved. When a person is only interested in getting occasional advice it may be in their better interest to consider text based therapy. This is what Talkspace has to bring to the table.

Talkspace is the app that allows people to create opportunities to engage in conversation with certified therapists. This is what some people need when they are trying to connect the dots on what is going wrong in their lives. There are a plethora of different issues that counselors can help with. People are interested in therapy when they need to resolve issues with family members.

Others may be interested in therapy if they have a need for advice from counselors on family issues. There are also some people that battle mental health issues. Depression and bipolar mannerisms come into play when people think of mental health issues. Therapists that are certified make up the Talkspace team. They have the ability to help with these issues.

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This is one of the best reasons to reach out to someone from Talkspace. They have the ability to change the course of how people build up their relationships with others. A counselor that is in place has the ability to help someone see a different perspective if they may have been feeling depressed or suicidal. Talkspace is definitely the app that is growing because more people are talking about their issues. The stigma that has been behind mental health issues is now becoming much more recognized because suicides are happening. People in the spotlight for suicides are often celebrities. A different type of attention is paid to these issues. There are more people that are willing to look at the possibilities of resolving these issues now that they have others that are opening up the conversation about it. Fortunately, Talkspace is there to help with these various types of issues.

Dick DeVos Article Recap

Have you seen the latest news from Washington? Dick DeVos is one of the new members to the Federal Aviation Administration’s new council. The civilian board is made up of 13 members who are from transportation authority and airline backgrounds, as well as business leaders. Dick DeVos comes from both an aviation business mind and education perspective. He has been working with new pilots through the aviation charter school in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Grand Rapids has seen the business leadership and acumen of Dick DeVos rise up in the past. The community has received over $134 in donations and public work projects, including a new performing arts center and convention center. However, DeVos has also partnered with business leaders in the area to affect ongoing change through a committee called Grand Action. It was here that he began to look at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport as a way to further improve Grand Rapids from an economic and business standpoint.


Much of the traffic through Grand Rapids is business travelers. They come from Canada and Mexico, traveling through the destination to multiple areas around the United States. A historical airport dating back to the early 1900s, Grand Rapids airport has also been in need of renovations and expansion for some time.


The airport decided to re-launch as the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in 1999. The CEO reached out to DeVos and asked if he would help secure new expanded terminals. DeVos had connections with some of the airlines at the time and reached out to Air Tran Airways, talking to them about adding new destinations and flights. The CEO agreed and added on new flights to St. Louis, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Denver. While these changes helped the airport bring in new business travelers, there were other issues. For instance, Southwest wanted to close terminals when it took over Air Tran Airways just a few months later.


DeVos talked with Southwest to change their minds about closing the terminals, wanting to keep them open and even expand them as he saw great potential for the success of the airline. In addition, DeVos began working with multiple CEOs at different airlines to put together a renovation deal. The renovation would cost $45 million but it would allow for new technology and comfortable business traveler areas where travelers could plug in and work during layovers and wait times.


The new ideas gave rise to Dick DeVos in the airline industry, and now he works with some of the top names in the transportation industry, working to affect global change through the Federal Aviation Administration. He has also seen many ways that he can help the educational side and bring in new pilots who want to fly and work for a variety of airlines. The aviation academy is just one step in the right direction to being able to bring in employment at the current rate.


Vsit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

Anthony Petrello Supporting Construction Of Neurological Research Center

The role of business in helping the community during times of disasters cannot be underestimated. A business not only supposed to be making profits firm the people. It should also be giving back to the community in a show of solidarity in times when the community is in dire need. In times of disasters, businesses should come not and offer support to the people. One business which has a committed to responding to the needs of the community is Nabors Industries which is led by CEO Tony Petrello. This company offers services in the oil and natural gas drilling industry. Its headquarters are in Texas.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and other parts of Texas, it is Nabors Industries and other businesses which responded swiftly to the appeal for support to the community. Tony Petrello offered his employees paid leave so that they could go to Houston and offer support to people who were affected by the floods, in addition to this, he also supported his employees in raising funds for the relief programs of those affected. In total, Nabors family contribute about $300,000. It was one of the companies which made the biggest contribution to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The step taken by Anthony Petrello is a true reflection of what he has been doing at a personal level. He has been engaging in philanthropy for a quite some time. What he has done now that he is the CEO of Nabors us to take the philanthropic spirit to the corporate sector. Nabors is now actively involved in philanthropy. Every year, he is contributing to various causes which he finds deserving. Nabors Industries is now contributing to national relief programs as well as participating in employees-established initiatives. Every year, the employees of the company are coming together to contribute to a worthy cause.

Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia Petrello, are passionate about the health of children living with neurological disorders. Their daughter named Carena is one of these children. He was born with a neurological disorder which has made her unable to perform, tasks that need the movement of muscles. She has no coordination of movement and therefore unable to walk or talk.

Tony Petrello is assisting in neurological research by funding the operations of a facility located at the Texas Children’s Hospital. This facility is researching the cause and treatment of neurological disorders. Petrello has given $7 million to support the initiative of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Source: https://nri.texaschildrens.org/donate/leaders-giving/cynthia-and-tony-petrello

Southridge Capital and The Elements in Their Operations That Boost Their Fiduciary Reputation

Just by a few clicks on your smartphone, you can already read a lot about finance firms that offer feckless business solutions to people’s assets. They are also often mismanaged, and the business structure they adhere to could be one of the most gauche and ineffectual. However, in contrast with that, we also have companies like Southridge Capital LLC, which is right now a company that many people trust and that many people consult in order to get the most pragmatic and practical business solutions for their own assets.



In fact, right now, Southridge is a leading company whose business structure continues to lead in the competition for being the most innovative financial solutions company today.



The Major Player Reputation



It’s safe to assume that Southridge Capital LLC is now growing to be one of the top firms in the industry that have time-tested solutions for any type of investment needs. The secret to such leading performance could be because it is able to leverage the expertise of its workforce to dig deep into the problems of their clients and get a thorough understanding of what the marketplace looks like globally. Through a strategy of the firm that merges debt and equity management with its innovative Balance Sheet Optimization, it is able to provide a mechanism to the clients to help them yield their desired results.



It is also a good feature of Southridge Capital to be able to offer customized solutions to its clients in ways that none of their other competing companies can offer. It is also the reputation of Southridge Capital to curate their solutions in accordance to the stock options and specific fiscal issues of the company. You can visit ideamensch.com for more info.




About Southridge Capital, LLC



Southridge Capital is a Connecticut-based private equity firm that has built their reputation in helping various clients deal with their finances and investment strategies. The brokerage services from Southridge Capital are also some of the most outstanding solutions for companies in various industries. Two of the investment networks that Southridge Capital is part of include Venture Round – Raft International and Venture Round – Fakespace Systems. For more info you can checkout citybizlist.com




Visit: http://www.southridge.com/our-services